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Digital marketing is a type of internet marketing which includes mobile devices and other electronic media to promote products or services. Digital marketing services provide online marketing of products and services.

Since the 1990s and 2000s, the concept of marketing has changed. now people are having their own website which shows information about their services or products. In this competitive world, if you opened a business but you haven't acquired the digital marketing services. it’s like you open a shop and nobody knows about it.

According to research this generation people not interested in going out and do shopping. Firstly the users want to know about the product than only they want to show interest to buy that product. In this competitive era, people are discovering new strategy’s for the marketing plans those are like digital advertising, mobile marketing, brand awareness, and also promoting their business via online marketing strategy.

For every product, users will search in search engines. The branding and marketing channels have changed in this era. Digital marketing services include digital marketing strategy such as:

  1. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

  2. Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

  3. Social Media Marketing(SMM)

  4. Affiliate Marketing

  5. Google Ads

  6. Email Marketing

  7. Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO)

  8. Sales Funnel

  9. Pay-Per-Click(PPC)

For every product or service, the digital marketing strategy is required. It provides a great platform to display information about your products and services to your customers.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO):

search engine optimization is simply the process of making your website marketing plans to more accessible both search engines like google and search engine users. Nowadays before buying anything people searches for that product or service on search engines like google, then they are researching that particular product or service. At the first step, they look for a list of sites who provide that particular product or services, so at that time in the case, if your site is not listed on the 1st page or even at the most on 2nd page of the search results, they will never know your presence in the industry. It is important to be present in all marketing strategy including traditional marketing depending on who is your targeted market.

Best digital marketing company in Delhi


SEO Provides Following Benefits To Your Business:


  • SEO Provides Good Business Visibility and Branding

  • SEO Provides Credibility to your Business.

  • SEO Provides Your Business Traffic.

  • SEO has one of The Best ROI’s in Advertising.

  • SEO increases You Unmatched Insight into Your Business.

  • SEO friendly websites in every project

SEO Services Includes:

  1. On-Page Optimization

  2. Off-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization:

On-Page Optimization is a process of optimizing the content, structure, and visibility of your website or a web page to make search engine friendly. On-page optimization helps the search engine crawlers and spiders in a better understanding of your website or webpage and which keywords you are targeting to rank in top.

On-Page Includes:

  1. Page Title
  2. Meta Description

  3. Meta Keywords

  4. Heading Tags(H1/H2)

  5. Image File Naming

  6. Image Alt-Tag

  7. Anchor Text Linking

  8. Duplicate Content Fixing

  9. Keyword Density Proximity

  10. Footer Optimization

Off-Page Optimization:

Off-Page Optimization is nothing but a number of strategies that you can implement off your website to improve your search engine rankings and also increase targeted traffic to your website.

Off-Page Includes:

  1. Directory Submission

  2. Social Bookmarking

  3. Article Submission

  4. Press Release

  5. Classified Ads Posting

  6. Local Listing

  7. E-book Submission

  8. Blogging

  9. Video Submissions

  10. Review Posting

  11. Yahoo Answers

  12. Email Marketing

Types Of SEO Techniques:

  1. Black Hat SEO

  2. White Hat SEO

  3. Grey Hat SEO

Khare Web Solutions is one of the best leading Digital marketing company in Delhi. Khare Web Solutions provides the best SEO and digital marketing services for any type of website like a travel website, educational website, business website, personal website, and E-commerce portals(b2b and b2c) at affordable prices.

Search Engine Marketing(SEM):

Internet search engine optimization (SEM) is one of the digital marketing plan used to increase the visibility of a website in search engine results pages. And it is one of the major strategy to grow your company in a competitive marketplace. Search engine promotion is also known as pay per click(PPC). Search engine marketing is one of those crucial online Advertising Strategy for increasing a company network or company Social network. Search engines use difficult algorithms to safeguard the maximum relevant Results are returned to each search.

In paid search advertisements, sponsored advertisements appear at the very top of and over the side of search engine results pages to obtain more prominence and visibility in relation to the results. Let us say that you're a customer looking for a product or service on the web. You visit an internet search engine and type in your search phrases. In your search results page, you should discover various company ads whose keywords match the keywords from your hunt.

Khare Web Solutions is one of the best leading Digital marketing company in Delhi. Khare Web Solutions provides the best SEM and digital marketing services for any type of websites like a travel website, educational website, business website, personal website, and E-commerce portals(b2b and b2c) at affordable prices.

Social Media Marketing(SMM):

Social Media Marketing is one of the techniques in digital marketing. SMM builds on social network platforms those are like facebook, twitter, Instagram, youtube, and LinkedIn. With the help of paid social media advertising services strategy, we can spread brand awareness and promote their service or product on social media platforms. The main goal of a social media marketing agency is to promote and spread brand awareness about the products and services on every social media platform. The most important marketing plan for any business is to achieve brand recognition. Social media is one of the best ways to build brand awareness. Apart from this social media techniques have more benefits as compared to traditional marketing techniques.

Best digital marketing company in Delhi

Khare Web Solutions is one of the best social media marketing agencies in Delhi here we provide all types of paid media advertising services at very reasonable prices.

Benefits of Choosing Khare Web Solutions for SMM:

  1. Brand Awareness

  2. Increase your Traffic

  3. Promotion of products and services

  4. Create brand Recognition

  5. Produce a Conversation Around your Brand

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s services or products. Affiliate Marketing is a form of marketing technique in Digital Marketing strategy. Affiliate marketing is an online sales technique. Let us assume you like one product and you can share it on social media platforms or websites that product to others and earn a piece of commission for each sale that you make. Affiliate also is known as the publisher.

Best digital marketing company in Delhi

How Affiliate Marketing Works:

  1. Join in Affiliate Program

  2. Select The Product To Promote

  3. create a unique link for each product

  4. Share those links on social media platforms as well as website

  5. collect the commission for each sale that user uses your links to make a purchase

Affiliate marketing is a low risk. No cost to join affiliate programs, you can start earning money without any single rupee investment. Affiliate marketing is three types those are

  1. Direct Partnership

  2. Link

  3. Using Coupon Codes 

                 Admin Coupon   

                 Admin Bulk    

                 Merchant / Publisher Coupon

                 Merchant Bulk

                 Customer Coupon

Google Ads:

Google ads are previously known as Google Adwords. It is an online advertising platform developed by Google.

Google Ads Structure:

Google Account





Google Ads Structure is shown in above. In google ads Campaign level we can add 10,000 campaigns and coming to Adgroups we can add 20,000 Adgroups and We can add 300 Ads And 10,000 keywords to one account.

Types Of Google Ads:

  1. Search Network Ads

  2. Display Network Ads

  3. Video Ads

  4. Shopping Ads

  5. Universal Mobile Ads

  6. Smart Ads

Search Network Ads:

Search network ads are shown on the SERP page. Search network ads are two types of ads one is text ads it will be displayed on all platforms and the second one is called only ads it will be displayed only on mobile phones. The bid strategy for search network ads is CPC(Cost Per Click) and CPA(Cost Per Aquazation).

Display Network Ads:

Display network ads are published by the GDN Publishers(Google Display Network). Display network ads are likely Display Ads, Responsive Ads, RMIA(Rich Media Interactive Ads), Gmail Ads. Bid strategy for Display Network Ads is CPM(Cost Per Thousand Impressions), CPC(Cost Per Click), CPA(Cost Per Acquisition). Display Network Ads are Again Divided Into the Two types one for Regular and Another One is Remarketing Ads.

Video Ads:

Video Ads are displayed on GDN(Google Display Network) as well as Youtube Also in that youtube we have the no.of ads are Video ads are there those are instream ads in that instream two types of ads are there one is Skippable Ads another one is Non-Skippable Ads. Bumper ads, Discover Ads, Outstream Ads, Ad Sequence Ads. Bid Strategy for Video Ads is CPM(Cost Per Thousand Impression), CPV(Cost Per View).

Keyword Match Types:

  1. Broad Match

  2. Phrase Match

  3. Exact Match

  4. Broad Match Modifier

  5. Negative Match

Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is one of the leading Business in nowadays. Social media Email is a successful Marketing Strategy. It is the act of sending Business Messages to group of peoples using email. Normal Email Account you can send 500 emails in a day but by using E-mail Marketing you can send 1000s of people at a time. And Email Marketing allows you to create personalized messages so that you can target your audience. You may define the use of email to send commercial messages to a group of people. it is also direct form of marketing.

Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO):

conversion rate optimization is the process of calculating and analyzing the percentage of visitors who turned into customers. The key factor of CRO is A/B testing or split testing.

As one of the leading professional SEO and Digital Marketing Company in Delhi, Khare Web Solutions provides the best SEO and Digital Marketing services at affordable prices.

Our Digital Marketing Services includes:

  • Profiles and fan page creation and management in the top social networking sites like. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and more.

  • Integration of social media profiles into your website for getting more followers.

  • Increasing the followers through organically for better exposure in social media.

  • linking social media accounts together for better efficiency.

  • Customizing your social media profiles that should include your business name.

  • engaging followers of your brand with images, videos, quotes, and special offers.

  • Updating all social profiles regularly for gaining the follower's attention.

  • Getting traffic from social media by targeting the right audience.

  • Creation and promotion of videos that reflect your brand to get better search engine rankings as well as increasing traffic to your site.


































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